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Battle Armor He-Man (Spain)
The Spain Battle Armor He-Man was fabricated by Congost starting feb 1986, and culminating with the Battle Armor He-Man with Cassette, in may of 1988. In general, Spain BA He-mans share details in common such as soft heads, fluorescent hair...
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Man-at-Arms Congost (Spain)
In Spain, Congost released (for the Masters del Universo line) 3 different Man-at-Arms, the first of which will be the focus for this diagram. While the company “Congost” manufactured all the Spain Masters figures, they only had their Company stamp...
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Fisto Spain
In Spain, Mattel Spain (for their Masters del Universo line) released 2 different Fistos. Both Fistos were made with painted chrome highlights (rather than molded chrome) and had purple boots, belt and armor. Minor differences exist between each figure such...
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