Man-at-Arms Congost (Spain)

Man-at-Arms Congost (Spain)
In Spain, Congost released (for the Masters del Universo line) 3 different Man-at-Arms, the first of which will be the focus for this diagram. While the company “Congost” manufactured all the Spain Masters figures, they only had their Company stamp on the first 8 releases. Those initial 8-Releases have various characteristics that make them stand apart from the rest of the line of Spain figures, and are generally the ones collectors refer to as “Congost” figures.
One of the characteristics of these 8 figures is that they do not have a COO (Country of Origin) marking behind the torso or on their accessories. Other Spain figures released after this first wave tended to be marked Spain, France, and in some instances Malaysia. The Congost marking could also be seen on the packaging, as well as on the 2 comics that were released for these figures.
After this initial release, the Congost logo was dropped from the packaging, and was covered up (by a no 1 and no2) on the subsequent releases of these first 2 comic titles.
The Congost Man-at-Arms can be identified by the back marking "© Mattel. Inc. 1981" and the very pale desaturated tones on both the figure and on the weapons. The green a very light green, blues are celeste, the accessories are a very pale yellow, and as mentioned previously all accessories are completely unmarked.
It’s interesting to note that the molds that were used in 1983 (sold in 1984) and 1984 (sold in 1985) would be in Spain for 3 months for production, and then sent to Venezuela and Brasil. That is why you see Spain marked Rotoplast figures, and blank marked Brasil figures. While the accessories mold varied somewhat, you can note in the diagram above that all 3 harnesses (Spain, Rotoplast & Estrela) share a harness that has large, oversized clasp and 3 notch, wide straps! This is because that Spain mold was then sent to Venezuela and Brazil.