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Man-at-Arms (Hong Kong)
Man-at-Arms was fabricated in 2 different countries for the USA Market. The common Taiwan, and a less common Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Man-at-Arms has a number of features that make it stand out and differentiate itself from its more...
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Man-at-Arms Congost (Spain)
In Spain, Congost released (for the Masters del Universo line) 3 different Man-at-Arms, the first of which will be the focus for this diagram. While the company “Congost” manufactured all the Spain Masters figures, they only had their Company stamp...
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Man-at-Arms France
Mattel France Released 4 different Man-at-Arms (Le Maître D'Armes) for their “Les Maitres De L'Univers” line. The first wave were the French 8-Backs. Known as "Trapeze" due to the Trapezoid shape of the box behind the figure name. Two variants...
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