Estrela (Brazil) Mini-Comics

A total of 19 comics were produced in Brazil for Masters of the Universe, all in Portuguese. Estrela comics are the most unique of all the mini-comics produced in that not only where the comics "re-drawn", they also produced comic titles that were only released in Brazil. They are perhaps the rarest of all the mini-comics produced.

He-Man vs the Forces of Evil • He-Man contra as Forças do Mal

Wave 1 comic released in the first year of Estrela Production. Original story to Estrela.

Slave City • A Cidade Escravizada

Released with Adam.
This is a reedrawn/reedit of the Slave City comic. He-Man has been swapped for Adam on the cover.

The Obelisk • Abelhão e o Obelisco

Released with Buzz-Off.

He-Man encontra Aríete

Released with Ram Man.

Kobra Khan • Sabor de Veneno

Released with Kobra Khan.
Original story to Estrela.

Maligna • Evil-Lyn

Released with Evil-Lyn.
Original story to Estrela.

Mandíbula e o Ataque ao Palácia

Released with Trap Jaw.

O Grande Tesouro

Released with Beastman.

Point Dread • O Poder da Cúpula mortal

Released with He-Man.

Temple of Darkness • O Templo das Trevas

Released with Skeletor.

Tri-Klops • Tríclope, Amigo ou Inimigo?

Released with Tri-Klops.
Original story to Estrela.

Man-e-Faces • urge um Heró!... Multifaces

Released with Man-e-Faces.

The infinity Pyramid • A pirâmide do Infinito

Released with Orko.
Original story to Estrela.

O Demónio do Pântano

Released with Tung Lashor.
Original story to Estrela.


• Man-at-Arms (Clash of Arms)
• Stratos (avion)
• Teela (dragon's gift)
• Merman
• Zodac