Top Toys (Argentina) Mini Comics

17 comics were produced in Argentina for Masters of the Universe. While these comics don't differ considerably from their American release counterparts, they are in spanish and tend to have a characteristic back cover with He-Man artwork. Oddly, they say "Printed in Taiwan", yet were printed in Argentina. Most of the comics have the month and date printed, so its common to find the same title with different months and sometimes different years stamped.

Three titles were exclusively printed during the final "Reedition" time frame and as such as rarer. Those include the titles "Ciudad Esclava", "El Obelisco" and "El Terror de Triklops". Additionally, five mini-comic titles have both a white bottom border, and a non border variant. Those would be "La Espada de Doble Filo", "El Templo de la Oscuridad!", "Choque de Armas", "Pueblo de Insectos" and "La Mascara del Poder".

El Obelisco • Reedition (The Obelisk)

Feb. 1987

Ciudad Esclava • Reedition (Slave City)

Feb. 1987

El Terror de Triklops • Reedition (The Terror of Triklops)

March 1986

La Batalla en las Nubes

May 1985

El Rey del Castillo Grayskull (The King of Castle Grayskull)

April 1984

He-Man y la Espada Poderosa (He-Man and the Power Sword)

April 1984 (Also seen May 1985)

La Venganza de Skeletor

April 1984

Choque de Armas (Clash of Arms)

Aug. 1986

El Encuentro de He-Man con Ram-Man

Aug. 1985 (Also seen May 1985)

El Ladron Magico (The Magic Stealer)

Aug. 1986 (Also seen June 1985)

El Suplicio de Man-e-faces

Oct. 1985 (Also seen March 1986)

El Templo de la Oscuridad! (The Temple of Darkness)

Aug. 1986 (Also seen March 1986)

He-man y el Pueblo de los Insectos

Feb. 1987

He-Man y el Pueblo de los insectos - white border

Nov. 1986 (Also seen Aug. 1986)

Hordak, y su Venganza Cruel!

Feb. 1987

La Amenaza de Trap-Jaw!

Oct. 1985 (Also seen Aug 1985 & March 1986)

La Espada de Doble Filo

Feb. 1987

La Espada de doble filo - white border

Aug. 1986 (Also seen March 1986)

La Mascara del Poder

March 1986