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Spikor Rotoplast (Venezuela)
In Venezuela, Rotoplast released a Spikor that depending on the condition of the figure, might look similar to a Malaysia (if in excellent condition), or dramatically different (if it has lots of player wear). The figure is marked © MATTEL....
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Mekaneck Rotoplast (Venezuela)
In Venuezuela, Rotoplast released a Mekaneck that on first glance, isn’t very different than its Malaysia counterpart. Once you deep dive and compare it with a standard Malaysia though, you start to see lots of interesting details that make it...
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Ram Man Rotoplast (Venezuela)
Ram Man Rotoplast (Venezuela)   -- While similar in colors generally to a standard Ram Man, the Rotoplast really stands out for its golden cuffs! Here are a few ways to identify a Venezuela Ram Man...
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