Spikor Rotoplast (Venezuela)

Spikor Rotoplast (Venezuela)
In Venezuela, Rotoplast released a Spikor that depending on the condition of the figure, might look similar to a Malaysia (if in excellent condition), or dramatically different (if it has lots of player wear). The figure is marked © MATTEL. INC. 1984, just like a Malaysia except it does not say “Malaysia” in the back. The weapon has the Spikor 8 digit serial on a spike just like a Malaysia as well (7986-2229), but it likewise does not say “Malaysia”.
It appears the Malaysia mold was used for this figure, because it shares a lot of similarities to the small boot, 4 spike Spikor made in Malaysia. The head is a hard rubber, the tones are similar, and as stated previously it has small boots and 4 spikes. The mold of the trident is the same, yet the chrome is painted on fully on the Rotoplast, similar to a Leo or a France. Its only partially painted on a Malaysia.
The stand out for this variant though has to be the mold color of the trident. Rotoplast made it in a burn orange/reedish color, and painted it chrome. The Malaysia figure is molded in black and painted chrome. The weapon is a very hard plastic as oppose to a softer plastic on the Malaysia, and you see some tone differences as well. The boots are a lighter brown, and the legs a lighter more matte light purple. There is another Rotoplast variant that has lighter purple limbs that are molded in purple, and then painted purple (very curiously).
Its worth noting that there exists a controversial, strange variant of Spikor with no trident. Rather it has skeletor arms, and jitsu color shorts (shorts are red with black belt). That version comes with light pink boots (similar to Leo white trident Spikor legs). Only a few have been found, so we can't be sure 100% its a true variant, but it is very interesting for sure.
Special thanks to Felip Cabedo Fuster for allowing me to shoot his beautiful figure, and for Alejandro Cruz and Jesus Alberto Pacheco that helped me understand this Rotoplast Spikor variant.