Ram Man Rotoplast (Venezuela)

Ram Man Rotoplast (Venezuela)
While similar in colors generally to a standard Ram Man, the Rotoplast really stands out for its golden cuffs! Here are a few ways to identify a Venezuela Ram Man.
  1. Gold Cuffs. All Rotoplast Ram Mans were made with golden wrist cuffs. If you see one without them its because they've come off.
  2. Figure marked Mattel Inc. 1982. The place were "Taiwan" would go has been scratched off.
  3. The axe is unmarked.
  4. The red plastic coat can come in 1 of 2 ways. Either a matte red similar to a taiwan, or a darker red made of a thinner, more breakable plastic. This version appears to be the standard matte red.
  5. The face can be similar pink to a taiwan or a more white, powder pink face. This one appears more light powder pink when compared to a taiwan, but the difference is subtle.
An interesting side note is that the spring mecanism on this one is very strong. Much more so than a standard ram man. I would imagine a bigger spring was used.
What's your favorite Ram Man COO?