Rotoplast Webstor (Venezuela) 🇻🇪

Rotoplast Webstor (Venezuela) 🇻🇪

In Venezuela, Rotoplast released a Webstor that used the Taiwan mold, but with all coo markings rubbed off. All rotoplast Webstors are marked the same © MATTEL. INC. 1984 in the back, and you can see faintly a bump where the COO marking has been erased. The armor also has the remnants of the Taiwan marking, in that you can still make out a “IW” from the erased Taiwan marking.

Roto Webstors can vary in arm consistency, from very soft and rubbery arms like the one in this example, to ones that have much harder arms. This is something unique to rotoplast, in that some figures such as Webstor, Kobra Khan, BA He-Man/BA Skelly, Whiplash and Buzz-Off had rubber arm variants.

Head are rubber semi-soft. The accessories are a semi-translucent purple. The translucency is especially noticeable on the triangle (only markings are a number “4”), and on the hook (only a number marking that is difficult to read). The armor can be marked 1 or 2, but has only a serial and no coo markings.

Two backpack string variants of this figure exist. You have the standard black string variant, and the rarer white string variant. Aside from the string color, everything else on the figures appear to be identical.

Lastly, the rifle is soft and gummy, marked hong kong. They vary considerably in color, and can come in a range of red to orange hues. The rubbery consistency also varies from extremely soft to semi-soft.

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