Mekaneck Rotoplast (Venezuela)

Mekaneck Rotoplast (Venezuela)

In Venuezuela, Rotoplast released a Mekaneck that on first glance, isn’t very different than its Malaysia counterpart. Once you deep dive and compare it with a standard Malaysia though, you start to see lots of interesting details that make it unique.

One of the things I’ve noticed with Rotoplast for example is that when ever you see silver highlights, they tend to be bolder than its American versions. If you look at the boots for example, you will see how much brighter they are in both Mekaneck (Or Roboto). You see that as well with the highlights in the armor. The reds are much richer red than a standard Malaysia figure as well, both in the helmet and and the armor. Belt is brighter, and the shorts are a deeper black. The face and hands on the Rotoplast can be anywhere from a beige to a very pale almost white.

Both Rotoplast and a standard Malaysia Mekaneck are marked exactly the same behind the helmet (© MATTEL. INC. 1983), and in the back © MATTEL. INC. 1983 MALAYSIA. The Armor is marked the same as well (© MATTEL. INC. 1983 MALAYSIA) and the maces likewise “MALAYSIA”.

In terms of plastic consistency, the armor on the Rotoplast feels significantly thicker and more opaque. the arms feels slightly softer but not rubber like many other Rotoplast.

The biggest difference and what makes the Rotoplast such a sought after figure thought has to be its amazing orange Mace! There’s simply none like it!