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Prince Adam Reedition Top Toys (Argentina)
Top Toys (Argentina) Prince Adam Reedition 🇦🇷 -- For this #figureoftheday we feature the Prince Adam Reedition from Top Toys! In Argentina, many different variants of Adam were made. The first releases were soft head Adams with Taiwan heads. The...
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Moss Man Top Toys (Argentina)
One of the most outstanding of the Moss Man COOs! In Argentina, Moss Man was released with many different variants/combinations of both flocking and underboss mold colors. Those molds were then painted, but once a figure has a bit of...
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Kobra Khan Kamuflado Top Toys (Argentina)
The most iconic of all the Top Toys figures, the Kobra Khan Camuflado is unique in that it was only fabricated in Argentina. The story is that the factory had an excess of Kobra Khan inventory, and so they decided...
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