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Prince Adam Reedition Top Toys (Argentina)
Top Toys (Argentina) Prince Adam Reedition 🇦🇷 -- For this #figureoftheday we feature the Prince Adam Reedition from Top Toys! In Argentina, many different variants of Adam were made. The first releases were soft head Adams with Taiwan heads. The...
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Prince Adam (Malaysia)
While in the USA the Prince Adam was fabricated in Taiwan, in Europe we also see a Prince Adam made in Malaysia. An Adam that is very similar to its He-Man Malaysia counterpart also primarily (but not solely) released in...
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Prince Adam Aurimat (Mexico)
In Mexico, Aurimat (for their Los amos del Universo line) released 2 editions of prince adam. Some minor mold and color differences exist between the two, but what stands out is the big belt buckle on the 2nd edition. This...
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