Prince Adam Aurimat (Mexico)

Prince Adam Aurimat (Mexico)
In Mexico, Aurimat (for their Los amos del Universo line) released 2 editions of prince adam. Some minor mold and color differences exist between the two, but what stands out is the big belt buckle on the 2nd edition. This variant is one of the most iconic and sought after of all the Aurimat figures.
Characteristics of the 1st Edition:
  1. Mattel Inc 1981 mark
  2. Small belt similar to a taiwan belt buckle
  3. Bump in hand to better hold a weapon (characteristic feature of first edition aurimat figures)
  4. Bluer Shorts and Boots
  5. Pants tinted Blue
  6. 3+ variants of the sword released, both long and short versions and hues of purple and fuchsia marked Mexico. Possibly variants of unmarked swords exist but unconfirmed.
Characteristics of the 2nd Edition:
  1. Mattel Inc 1984 MEXICO marked
  2. Big "Santa Claus" style yellow belt buckle. This is a reuse of the 007 Belt Mold
  3. No Hand Bump
  4. More Purple Shorts and Boots
  5. Pants tinted Purple
  6. Short Red Sword