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Battle Armor He-Man (Aurimat)
Battle Armor He-Man Aurimat / Los Amos -- The BA He-Man for the Mexico Market was produced by Aurimat in 1985 and 1986 (in Mexico City). The figure has dark boots, a semi-hard rubber head, pale-ish skin tones, and an...
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Clawful Aurimat (Los Amos)
In Mexico, Aurimat released Clawful for its “Los Amos del Universo” line with some key and interesting characteristics. Most notably, the variant orange mace that has become a the grail of variant collecting. Clawful Aurimat can be marked one of...
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Prince Adam Aurimat (Mexico)
In Mexico, Aurimat (for their Los amos del Universo line) released 2 editions of prince adam. Some minor mold and color differences exist between the two, but what stands out is the big belt buckle on the 2nd edition. This...
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