Clawful Aurimat (Los Amos)

Clawful Aurimat (Los Amos)
In Mexico, Aurimat released Clawful for its “Los Amos del Universo” line with some key and interesting characteristics. Most notably, the variant orange mace that has become a the grail of variant collecting.
Clawful Aurimat can be marked one of two ways. Either MATTEL INC 1981 in capital letters, as opposed to its HK counterpart that is marked in lower case Mattel Inc 1981, and it can also have a small MALAYSIA marking below the Mattel Inc 1981. This is very curious, in that Clawful was never produced in Malaysia. It’s very possible they used the generic Malaysia torso mold.
The colors of the limbs are a more muted brown, almost gray. This can discolor considerably to a very gray color due to the plastic that was used. Blues in the belt and boots are grayer as well than the HK. The head is always soft.
The Armor is a more pinkish and opaque than a HK, and the brown stripes are significantly darker and sharper/more precise.
The standard green mace has a number. Mine is 1 but it can vary. Its a more muted green than the HK, and its much more rigid as well. The orange mace is the same consistency as the green mace, and can also have a certain range of numbers. Mine says 2, but I’ve also seen orange maces that are marked 1, 3 and 4.