Battle Armor He-Man (Aurimat)

Battle Armor He-Man (Aurimat)
Battle Armor He-Man Aurimat / Los Amos 🇲🇽 🔥
The BA He-Man for the Mexico Market was produced by Aurimat in 1985 and 1986 (in Mexico City). The figure has dark boots, a semi-hard rubber head, pale-ish skin tones, and an orange belt. Chest symbol is a dark orange and red H symbol on the 1985 release, and dark orange and maroon H symbol on the 1986 release. Both releases’ slash marks are dark gray. The eyebrows on the first release (1985) are brown, and on the second release (1986) change to black.
In its first year of production, it was produced using France molds, and was marked either © Mattel. Inc. 1981. 1983. (With the FRANCE erased), or © Mattel. Inc. 1981. 1983. FRANCE. The weapons it came with are marked MEXICO and similar (if not the same) as the weapons that came with the Aurimat He-Man. This figure has an exaggerated callus on the right hand to better hold a weapon.
In its second year of production, they moved to using Taiwan molds, and have both a red belt and an orange belt variant. The red belt is the rarer one of the two, and came in both regular boots and large thunder punch boots. Its unclear if the orange belt figure also has a large tp boot variant. Both axe and sword are marked TAIWAN for this variant, and while they share the Battle Armor Taiwan weapons mold, they are easily distinguished from standard American release weapons in color and feel. The Aurimat weapons are darker, more rigid, and are a close match to standard MEXICO marked weapons (as far as color and flexibility).
I've so far been able to id batch number #26, #27 and #28 for the axe. Sword I've only seen #32 and #31, but I'm assuming there's at least one more batch number that I've yet to ID. The sword does have the injection hole at the top covered on the aurimat, so that's also a quick way to tell it apart.
An interesting note is that Aurimat had about 3 factories running at the same time (Mamsa y Promusa were 2 of them), so a theory is that each batch number corresponded to a separate factory release.
This variant removed the hand callus that is seen on the first edition Aurimat BA He-Man hand.
A curious note with Aurimat is that they have a condition whereas the skin tones becomes incredibly pale, almost “albino” like. While this “defect” in the plastic would not be a true variant distinguisher, its is still very cool and highly collectible.