Prince Adam (Malaysia)

Prince Adam (Malaysia)

While in the USA the Prince Adam was fabricated in Taiwan, in Europe we also see a Prince Adam made in Malaysia. An Adam that is very similar to its He-Man Malaysia counterpart also primarily (but not solely) released in Europe.

Adam Malaysia has 2 different variants. Both Malaysia Adams seems to share the same accessories, general paint applications and COO mold. Where they differ dramatically is in the head.

A Hard Head molded in yellow and with skin tones painted, as well as a Soft Head molded in skin tone color and hair/face details painted in (Similar to a Taiwan).

Another difference between the two Adams is the boots. Hard Head have mid-boot paint, while soft head Adams are full boot.

Both the Taiwan Adam and the Malaysia Adam seem to share very similar vest and belts, with a few minor differences. The Malaysia vest is slightly darker, and the stitching is in a darker red color. The Taiwan stitching is a lighter pink color. Its important to note that the Taiwan vest comes in 3 different variants. The particular one that resembles the Malaysia vest is the one piece, stitched variant. We will get into Taiwan vest variants on another occasion. Lastly, the belts seems to be identical, but the buckles vary slightly. The Malaysia belt buckle is slightly larger, and the thread is a more vibrant yellow than its Taiwan equivalent.

Do you have a Malaysia Adam? Which one do you prefer? Soft Head or Hard Head?
Special thanks to Marco Rubio for providing the soft head Malaysia picture.