Moss Man Top Toys (Argentina)

Moss Man Top Toys (Argentina)
One of the most outstanding of the Moss Man COOs! In Argentina, Moss Man was released with many different variants/combinations of both flocking and underboss mold colors. Those molds were then painted, but once a figure has a bit of wear you can start to see the underlying colors.
Here is a brief summary of the craziness you can find with Moss Man Top Toys….
Short Hair (Common)
2x Mid Hair in varying lengths
Long Hair (Reedition)
Gray underbase painted brown
Burgundy underbase painted brown
Blue underbase painted brown
Beastman orange painted green
Moss Man green Head
Gray Stratos torso molded in gray
Orange Beastman torso molded in green
Always molded in green
You can see some of these details with my 2 TT Moss Man. Here is a breakdown of them…
  1. Long flocking
  2. Green head mold
  3. Gray torso mold
  4. Blue shorts mold
  1. Short Flocking
  2. Orange head mold
  3. Orange torso mold
  4. Marron shorts mold
These are just one set of color combinations that these particular variants can come with. As mentioned above, there are 4 flocking types, 3 short mold colors, 2 head mold colors and 2 torso mold colors. You will find Moss Man with any of these mix + match combinations. The only part that stayed consistent where the limbs (always molded in green). Its worth nothing that the maces for all TT Moss mans are the same, and they all have a square peg Reedition Torso mold.
Especial thanks to Silvero Carlos Hernan of SHA for helping me understand the different Moss Man variants!