Faker Top Toys (Argentina) 🇦🇷

Faker Top Toys (Argentina) 🇦🇷

Faker Top Toys (Argentina) 🇦🇷

Reedition vs Common Hard Heads


In Argentina, Top Toys produced various Faker variants. I would classify them in broad strokes as:

  • 1st Editions: Soft head, small body (both tall and short necks, as well as Taiwan marked vs blank heads)
  • 2nd Editions: Hard head, small body
  • Reeditions: Hard  head, big body reedition (both Mattel inc marked big body, as well as blank big body)
  • Pre-Reeditions: Hard head, with a mix of small and large parts.

There is frequent confusion in particular between this “2nd edition hard head” and the reedition big body figure, so the main purpose of this post is to elaborate on the differences.

Towards the end of the line, we have a mold transition at Top Toys, were the Faker torsos and the limbs transition to a larger size. Legs that were once small but sinewy, become larger and smoother. Arms become significantly larger, and the torso also adopts a much larger size. With this transition, the material changed as well. A PVC type plastic for the smaller molds, to a hard rubber material for the large reedition limbs. The torso (in the blank variations) now has square arm pegs, and the torso in the large Mattel inc marked variations has them round. The shorts on the re-editions are smoother, with less detail. They tend to be a darker purple than the common small-body versions.

The accessories in the reeditions are more detailed, with ridging along the perimeter of the harness and skirt. The reedition sword has round protrusions above the handle, and a lip at the tip of the sword. The color of the accessories is a brighter orange in the reedition, as opposed to a darker burnt orange in the “common”. Generally speaking, the reedition accessories are seen on the reedition Faker, while the first edition and second editions share the “common” accessories. Still, some reedition Fakers are found with the common sword.

As with anything Top Toys, we need to acknowledge that inconsistencies abound. That is where the “pre-reeditions” come into play. These are figures that are transitional or a mixture of parts. Some of these figures will have the small blank torso, and reedition limbs. Or even reedition legs, but small arms plastic arms.

Lastly, the chest sticker can be found sporadically throughout all editions. Some had it and some didn’t.



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