Kobra Khan Kamuflado Top Toys (Argentina)

Kobra Khan Kamuflado Top Toys (Argentina)
The most iconic of all the Top Toys figures, the Kobra Khan Camuflado is unique in that it was only fabricated in Argentina. The story is that the factory had an excess of Kobra Khan inventory, and so they decided to do their own character to creatively rid themselves of the excess parts. Add a set of arms made with the Buzz-Off mold, a camouflage motif and gold paint, and you get the most bizarre and sought after motu variant!
All Camuflados share a set of characteristics, such as a reedition torso mold with square arm pegs, gold belt, gold boots and the snake men symbol super-man style on the chest. They also share a similar 3 spot black khamo motif on the front and on the back of the torso. The face on all also have the characteristic cheek spotting resembling a Mexico map.
While initially the figure had Buzz-Off arms, as the figure evolved they introduced both common legs and common arms (not at the same time). A total of 3 different mold variants exist for this figure and they each have a corresponding weapon.
We have the regular arm Kobra Khan with muscular legs, which was paired up with a regular Kobra Khan gun. Then there is the most popular and known variant, which is the Buzz-Off arms, muscular leg figure paired with a Clawful mace. Lastly we have the rarest of the 3 mold variants, which is the Buzz-Off arm with regular legs. This variant came with a Buzz-Off axe.
The Kobra Khan Camuflado gold and black spray scheme varies considerably from one figure to the next, no matter what the variant. Some have a lot of gold through out the body, others only have gold on the belt/boots/claws. Other still have lots of black on the legs.