Buzz-Saw Hordak Comparison (Spain vs Malaysia)

Buzz-Saw Hordak Comparison (Spain vs Malaysia)

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Buzz-Saw Hordak, “Ruthless Leader with blaster blade”, was produced in Malaysia and in Spain. This version of Hordak has a spring-loaded chest that bursts a buzz-saw out of its chest plate when the back lever is triggered.

Both figures have the same markings, which read "© MATTEL INC. 1986 MALAYSIA" on the back and "MALAYSIA" on the inside chest plate, along with corresponding SKU numbers. Both buzz-saw weapons are marked "Malaysia", but the Spain version only has the marking on one side, and the Malaysia marking is partially scratched off. The Malaysia version, on the other hand, has markings on both sides. However, the crossbows are marked differently. The Malaysia version is marked with "Malaysia", while the Spain version is marked with "FRANCE".

You can primarily rely on their colors to distinguish between the two figures. The Spain variant features brighter whites on the face, while the Malaysia variant highlights the face with more cream-colored tones. This color difference is also evident when comparing the regular Hordak Spain and Malaysia variants.

Spain's figure and cape have darker reds, and its limbs are a cooler gray compared to the warmer gray limbs on the Malaysia. The silver highlights on Spain are also toned down.

The weapons of the two have significant color differences as well. The Spain crossbow is white with hints of green hue, while the Malaysia crossbow is white with hints of cream hue. The Spain buzz-saw has a cooler gold, while the Malaysia buzz-saw has a warmer gold.

Finally, the Spain has translucent white leg bands, while the Malaysia uses standard black.