Fisto Spain

Fisto Spain
In Spain, Mattel Spain (for their Masters del Universo line) released 2 different Fistos. Both Fistos were made with painted chrome highlights (rather than molded chrome) and had purple boots, belt and armor. Minor differences exist between each figure such the lip color and the back COO markings, but the main difference is in their weapons and fist.
1. Figure marked © Mattel. Inc. 1983. HONG KONG
2. Armor marked © Mattel. Inc. 1983
3. Fist is bigger and uses the HK mold.
4. Lips are a mustard yellow.
5. Sword is rigid purple, and is marked MALAYSIA.
6. Figure was made with black leg bands.
1. © Mattel. Inc. 1983. SPAIN
2. Armor Marked C MATTEL. INC. 1983
3. Fist is smaller and uses a different mold.
4. Lips are brown.
5. There are 3 different variant swords for this figure:
1. Gummy lilac katana with no COO, just numbers
2. France marked Broad sword in purple
3. France marked broad sword in Lilac.
6. Figure was made with transparent leg bands.
The 2 lilac swords (katana and broad sword) are considered Spain grails. 2 of the most, if not the most difficult and sought after Spain accessories.