Venezuela (Rotoplast)

Rotoplast Venezuela Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe was produced in Venezuela by the company Rotoplast. A total of 25 different figures were produced in the span of at least 2 years, between 1986 and 1987. Rotoplast figures were produced in 4 waves, 2 waves per year. 

The first wave (1986) of Rotoplast consist of 10 figures which include: Buzz Off, Clawful, He-Man Battle Armor, Kobra Khan, Mekaneck, Orko, Skeletor Battle Armor, Stratos, Webstor, and Whiplash. 

The second wave (1986), consists of 10 figures which include: Beastman, Evil Lyn, He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Mer Man, Prince Adam, Ram Man, Teela, Skeletor, and Zodac.

The third wave (1987) consists of 3 more figures: Spikor, Sy-Klone, and Trap Jaw.

The last wave (1987) consists of 2 more figures: Ninjor & Roboto. 

Rotoplast borrowed many different molds and so you will find figures marked Taiwan, Spain, Malaysia, as well as Mattel Inc (a characteristic of a Hong Kong mold). This leads to having to rely not only on COO markings to identify Rotoplast but also on color, plastic, and other differences. 

Characteristics that make Rotoplast stand out are rubber arms (on many figures), muted paint apps, as well as a lack of QC that led to tons of paint app variations from one figure to the next. Notable variants in this line include the red-scar Battle Armor He-Man, Ninjor with round sticker, Mekaneck with orange mace, Ram Man with Gold Cuffs! and whiplash with dark limbs. Rotoplast also boasts perhaps the rarest one-off variants, such as Buzz-Off with He-Man shorts, dark blue limb Battle Armor Skeletor, and Spikor with Skeletor arms.