Stratos Leo (India)

Stratos Leo (India)
The Leo Stratos came in 2 accessory variants. Red Harness + Blue wings like this one, and Blue Harness + Red wings.
Common characteristics to tell apart a Leo Stratos are:
  1. Inscription in the back says "Mattel Ino. 1981". Yes "ino", not inc.
  2. Head is hard plastic. There's possibly a variant that is a very hard rubber head.
  3. The crotch has a smooth texture, very characteristic of Leo figures.
  4. The belt is a maroon color.
  5. Colors are rich and dark on the accessories and on the head.
  6. The Harness is unmarked (just a string of numbers inside). Its 3 notch, short strap harness. Just like a blue beard harness! Color of harness matches his helmet.
  7. Wings are unmarked, just a few numbers. They are a good match to his his googles.
  8. There are 2 different plastic accessory variants that I've been able to ID for Leo Stratos. A rich vibrant color like on my variant, and a more muted desaturated + more opaque color on other variants.
  9. Body is significantly darker than a standard Stratos. Still, there is a reported variant of the leo Stratos that is even darker than this own. I'm unclear if that is a darkening of colors due to time or a legit factory variant.
  10. There are both color combination variants of the accessories. Blue Harness + Red Wings, and Red Harness + Blue Wings.