He-Man (Leo India) Weapons 🇮🇳

He-Man (Leo India) Weapons 🇮🇳

The Leo India He-Man was produced over the span of 10+ years. MOC He-Man Leos can be found marked anywhere from 1987 (earlier examples, with the Blowplast and Leo INDIA logo), to as late as 1999 (NA Cards). Due to this range in production, you see several variations with this He-Man. In this post, we will focus on the weapon variations.

The Leo He-Man was made using modified Malaysia He-Man molds, as were the accessories. They used the 13/14 axe/sword molds, as well as the 17/19 axe/sword molds.

Observation would indicate that they used the 13/14 set earlier on, but most likely scrapped it as production ramped up. The standard Leo weapons used the 17/19 set, and are marked INDIA. They can be light or dark gray. 90% of the weapons that I’ve found for this figure fall in this range. The shield in either instance has scarring where the COO was scrubbed off.

Later down the line, when red cards were changed to blue NA cards, the mold of all accessories changed. All accessories are now totally blank without COO markings or even batch numbers. The sword’s hilt is redesigned, as are the blades on the axe. The shield no longer has the rubbed-off COO markings.