Spikor White Trident Leo (India)

Spikor White Trident Leo (India)
The Leo White Trident Spikor is characterized by dark bluish purple tones, semi-translucent head and chest spikes (with varying degrees of decoloration), pink half-paint boots, and most noticeable of all, a Trident molded in white!
This particular Spikor was released later down the line, on blue New Adventure cards. The first Leo Spikor release was released on the more standard, Leo red cards.
The Leo Spikor doesn't have any Leo markings. The figure is marked ©MATTEL INC. 1984, the Mace marked 9986- 2229 and the white trident marked 7986-2149 3.
Its significantly different from the first (and more common) Leo India Spikor release. The standard Leo Spikor has an all silver trident (similar to a Rotoplast or a France) as well as brown boots.
There has been some reports of white trident spikors found with brown boots. Unfortunately its difficult to know at this point if those are true variants, and not "franky" figures where a white trident has been added to the body of a standard Leo Spikor release.
Its important to note that there have been found Spikors with all translucent heads, but judging by the way this figure's spikes decolor from a purple to an almost translucent white, its safe to assume complete translucent heads are severe discoloration. Not true variants. Just as Leo Man-e-Faces with gray arms are discoloration and not true, from factory, variants.
Due to the rarity of this White Trident figure, its considered one of the grails of the Leo Toys collection and one I'm thrilled to add to my collection!