Leo Teela (India)

Leo Teela (India)
Teela LEO INDIA 🔥 🇮🇳
India produced two beautiful Teela variants.
The first variant has skin tones that are pale, muted gold highlights, purplish hair and boots, and nipples molded into the breasts. That is interesting, in that the original Mattel sculpts included nipples, but were then removed (censored) prior to their official US release. Somehow, these early molds were the ones sent to India and Venezuela, as those are the only COO Teelas with nipple variants.
The second variant is based on the HK mold, with bright gold highlights, muted red hair and boots, and tanned skin tones. This variant is marked MATTEL INC 1981 behind the neck. One major distinction between the Leo and the HK though is the mid-fur boots. The HK has the boots painted to the top of the fur line, while the Leo stops mid-fur.
The accessories on most Teela Leos I've seen are just like the ones shown in these images. They have a reversed set of numbers on the center-back of the harness, as well as a set of numbers running along the circumference of the shield. A single-digit number (such as a 1 or a 2) is on the staff rod. In mine, all share a batch number 2.
Its important to note though... there is a high possibility that there are accessories that are very similar to the HK mold, with inside ridging, numbering on the inside straps, etc... I have a set just like that, with coo markings etched out. I'm at 70% sure they are authentic, but due to the remaining 30% doubt, I've decided to not include them in the diagram.
One more thing to mention... I've seen Teela Leo accessories that are almost white. This is due to the original red paint in the plastic discoloring/leeching out and leaving the original white/translucent plastic in its place.