LEO INDIA || Skeletor Skin Tone Variations

LEO INDIA || Skeletor Skin Tone Variations
LEO INDIA Skeletor Skin Tone Variations 🇮🇳
I often get asked how many Leo Skeletor variants exist. This is a complex question that has been the source of much debate amongst variant collectors for years. Not only did Leo Skeletor have differences in face paint apps, blue skin tones, armor colors, and card releases, but they also were produced in more than one factory. Compounding the issue is that they were susceptible to color shifting, fading, color leeching, and baking. This makes it all the more challenging to know for sure if a certain color is factory original or if the color has shifted with time and condition. The purpose of this post is not to explore every difference, but rather, to showcase the categories of factory skin tone variations that seem to exist.
In my experience, I believe 4 different skin tone variations exist. Those would be light, mid, mid-dark, and dark (or dark dark as some people call it). Now, there are differences in opinion for sure amongst collectors. Some believe there are only three (light/mid/dark), and others believe there are as many as 9 (3 shades of light, 3 shades of mid, 3 shades of dark).
While we can absolutely find in-between shades of these 4 colors, it's difficult to know for sure if there has been color degradation that has made a certain figure darker or lighter than its original factory condition.
There's also the real possibility that the colors could have a degree of factory variance, where on any given period the color matching wasn't exact, and a certain figure could have been produced a degree lighter or darker.
Any skin tones that appear to be a green tint are generally considered to be color shifting. A factory original color should be a shade of blue (not green).
Of these 4 skin tones, mid seems to be the most common, followed by mid-dark, dark, and the rarest being light.
Thoughts? What is your favorite? Which one do you have? Do you have more than one?

Leo Skeletor Skin Tone Variants