Evil-Lyn (Taiwan)

Evil-Lyn (Taiwan)
For today’s #TAIWANThursday I showcase the Taiwan Evil Lyn.
Evil-Lyn for the USA market was fabricated in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Hong Kong is by far the most common, but Taiwan Evil-Lyn exists as well. Of the Taiwan Evil-Lyn, there are 2 variants. Both Taiwan variants come with Glow-in-the-Dark Blue Staffs just like the Hong Kong, but are marked Taiwan. Where they differ is in the pain application.
Both Taiwan Evil-Lyns are marked exactly the same on the helmet as a Hong Kong Evil Lyn: © M.I. 1981 1982. The TAIWAN is “hidden” behind the neck. You need to turn the head of the Evil-Lyn to see the marking.
One of these Taiwan Evil-Lyns has the traditional belt & same paint application as the Hong Kong Evil-Lyn. This can lead to people thinking they have a HK when in reality they have a Taiwan!
The second Taiwan Evil-Lyn is interesting in that it has a short belt, very similar to the Aurimat Evil-Lyn. This Taiwan Evil-Lyn is surprisingly rare and difficult to find.
Do you have a Taiwan Evil-Lyn? Check your Evil-Lyn neck to see if yours is Taiwan. You might be in for a surprise.