Taiwan Beastman (8-Back Test Market) - Front View

Taiwan Beastman (8-Back Test Market) - Front View

Taiwan Beastman (8-Back Test Market) - Back View

Taiwan Beastman (8-Back Test Market) - Back View


The Taiwan Beastman is one of the first 8 figures released by Mattel in 1982 and came only on an 8-Back card. Its characterized by its head with off-white face paint and celeste highlights, mid-orange skin tones, mustard-colored belt, and celeste shorts that match the highlights in the face. 

At least 3 different variants of the Taiwan Beastman were released. The first variant, known as the test market, (generally) features a short strap harness with circular blue paint and white dots in the eyes. I say generally because there have been versions of these cards seen with non-white dot Beastman. Later release white dot Beastman seems to have off-white dots that match the cream-colored face paint, as opposed to the bright white dot of the earliest release. This first release is marked © Mattel Inc. 1981 on the figure and under the head, © MATTEL INC. 1981 TAIWAN on the harness, and TAIWAN on both the arm pad and arm cuff. All whips, start to finish, are marked TAIWAN for the TAIWAN Beastman.

The subsequent release Beastman (later 8-back release) had a long strap harness, sloppier blue paint, and no white dots. The figure and all accessories are marked the same. 

The later runs of the Beastman on a 12-back card are believed to be marked 1982, but it would not surprise me to find 1981-marked figures on 12-back cards as well. The cardback details didn’t always match up directly to the figure variations. 

Europe saw their own Taiwan beastman runs as well. They don't seem to have different features than standard Taiwan figures, beyond the cardback/comic itself.

1. Soft Head with bright white paint and celeste highlights
2. Mid-orange skin tones
3. Mustard-colored belt and celeste shorts similar to the face highlights

MARKED: © MATTEL INC. 1981 TAIWAN (On the back and under the head)

White dots on eyes (most of the time), short strap harness. Figure marked 1981.
No white dots in eyes, long strap harness. Figure marked 1981.
3. 12-BACK
No white dots in eyes, long strap harness. Figure marked 1982 (presumedly).

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