Spain Mer-Man - 2nd Edition | Front

Spain Mer-Man - 2nd Edition | Front

Spain Mer-Man - 2nd Edition | Back

Spain Mer-Man - 2nd Edition | Back


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Spain produced 2 different Mer-Man Variants. The 1st Edition (Congost) and the 2nd Edition, marked Spain.

Both figures share the same accessories (same color and mold), and the green color of the figure is just about the same. The leg bands are black on all, and the heads are soft. Heads are generally about the same softness as a Taiwan Mer-Man, although some have been found with extra-soft heads.

The belts on Spain released Mer-Mans are unpainted, and the face paint is a pale peach color. The green body tone of the Spain is just about the same hue as a Taiwan Mer-Man, yet the chest is much glossier. 

The accessories are a bright yellow, and the sword is short. It has a long handle like a Taiwan (as opposed to short handles like Leo or France), yet the blade is the shortest of all COOs. 

1st Edition - CONGOST:
The 1st edition was generally packaged on Cardbacks with a Congost logo, although some overlap certainly appears to have taken place. Some Congost cardbacks have been opened and found to have Spain-marked figures. This most likely can be attributed to the use of existing blister stock. 

2nd Edition - SPAIN MARKED:
The 2nd Edition Mer-Man was packaged on Cardbacks that no longer have the Congost logo. The figure is marked SPAIN in the back.

Congost 1st Edition: © Mattel. Inc. 1981 (No COO)
2nd Edition:  © Mattel. Inc. 1981 SPAIN

Blank. Accessories on both variants are identical.